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Oct 19 2016

Welcome to our first blog!!



Welcome to our online blog!

We have come together as a veterinary team to bring you useful and factual information that could benefit you and your beloved pet(s). Our number one priority within this blog will be to strive to provide you with useful and relevant information that could potentially save your pet’s life and/or provide you the information needed to better understand a diagnosis or medical concern. Our hopes for this blog are that it is as educational and interactive as we can make it. If you, a current or prospective pet owner, have any questions, topics or ideas please feel free to bring them to our attention. We would be more than willing to customize this blog to meet the needs and desires of our clientele. Please check out our Facebook page for additional information, tips and success stories!

Our Facebook page is located at:

Feel free to look around and comment on our posts and hospital updates!








Kristi & the Doctors and Staff of AEC St Petersburg

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