Emergency Services

Frequent emergency room visits consist of the following: animal attacks, bleeding, episodes of collapse, diabetes complications, difficulty breathing, difficulty urinating, hit-by-car incidents, ingestion of medications, poisons, or objects, seizure activity, severe diarrhea, unsuccessful labor & delivery, unresponsiveness or vomiting.

  • Emergency Surgery

    Soft tissue emergency surgical procedures performed by our emergency veterinarians (included, but not limited to): Wound repair Abdominal surgeries C-Section Splenectomy Bladder stone removal GI foreign body removal Gastric Dilatation…

  • Continuous Care

    If your pet requires hospitalization for continuous care or monitoring after hours, the Animal Emergency Clinic of St. Petersburg is open all night, 7 days a week, including holidays.

  • 24-Hour Intensive Care (Weekends and Holidays)

    The Animal Emergency Clinic of St. Petersburg can provide your pet with 24 hour intensive care on weekends and holidays.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service (Weekends and Holidays)

    The Animal Emergency Clinic of St. Petersburg has an emergency veterinarian on duty from Saturday at 12pm, throughout the weekend, until Monday at 7am, and 24 hours on holidays.