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Bill H.

“My wife brought in our 3 month old Rottweiler puppy back in March and I was out of town on a business trip. The dog had seemingly eaten some type of poison. The dog was critical when they arrived. My wife was beside herself and the staff talked with me on the phone and helped me to understand the puppy’s condition and the odds of successfully treating the dog. The staff worked on the puppy and were ever so delicate with my wife. I got home the next day and the dog made it through the treatments and was saved. I took the puppy back two days later for a check up, as we were planning to leave town with the puppy and we wanted to make sure we could safely travel with the puppy. Once again the staff was awesome. The doctor on duty was the one who treated my puppy and she came in to give me a short story of the procedures they used and she was sincerely concerned for the dog. I know this happened a few month ago, but I was just playing with my puppy (Zoe) and I wanted to send out the review as a way to say thanks from my family to the staff at Animal Emergency Clinic.”