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Brad K.

“It is great there is an animal hospital that is open all the hours regular vets aren’t. Every night all night and then weekends from Friday night until Monday morning.

They send a report to your pets regular vet to keep everyone fully informed. A really professional touch.

It is reasonable to expect to pay a bit more for service outside normal business hours. But I don’t think they are charging all that much extra. Charges seem about the same as at a regular hours vet in a well-off neighborhood.

They seem capable of handling about anything. One time I was there they were preparing for surgery on a severely injured dog. The dog was hurt so bad he was a carry in.

I have visited this Vet twice. The first time my cat got some cuts in a fight (NO other animal was allowed on HER porch) which they handled quickly and efficiently.

The second time was at the beginning of what turned out to be her life ending illness although that could not have been known at the time.

Big thing is my cat liked the people at this vet. I think she had good judgment.”