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Charlie K

Really amazing staff & doctor. We had to take our pet in over a weekend to be put down. We elected to stay with our dog during the procedure, and the staff was very calming. They walked us through everything they were doing as it was happening, allowed us some time with our dog to say our goodbyes, and even gave us a small paw-print cast to take home with us. About a week after, we even got a nice hand-written card from the entire staff. I was nervous to go here after reading some of these reviews, but I’m very glad we did when our pet was in pain. They didn’t know us at all and still treated us as if we had been going there for years.

As with anywhere, make sure you’re asking the right questions before going in. They are running a business and do have to charge for various things. But as long as you ask they are happy to make sure you understand what your options are.